Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ibn Batuta Mall, Dubai, UAE

Ibn Battuta Mall is the world’s largest themed shopping mall. It spreads over 1.3km length divided into 6 courts (sections) representing different themes .

There is only one proper prayer room in this mall, which is large enough to be called a small masjid (mosque). The prayer room located in India Court which is situated around 1km from the far end of the mall (Andalusia Court) and 300m from the near end (China Court). It's nearby the Mall Management Office and you have to take elevator or stairs to 1st floor to find it.

I believe the prayer room can take more than 100 persons. There is even a regular imaam or prayer leader in this place. Unfortunately this place does not host Friday prayer. So mall visitors and employees have to go to mosques few kilometers outside the mall.

There's a special place for ablution (wudu) which is separated from toilet area on the way to the prayer room. There are special racks to place your footwear too.

Because the location of this prayer room is too far from the other end of the mall (Andalusia court) and there's no other prayer room in this huge mall, the employees who work around Andalusia, Tunisia and Egypt court prefer to do their prayer on the corner like this. I have seen some visitors also perform their prayer on the same place.

Pictures taken on 1st December 2008.

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