Friday, December 5, 2008

National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Contributed by: Adinda Presanti

This prayer area is located at National University of Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Level 6, staircase landing (emergency exit). NUS Muslim Society has advocated to get permission to use about 20 spots in campus, mostly staircase landings, to be occupied as prayer areas.

Since space is limited, some prayer spots are for muslimah only, some are for muslimin only, and 1-2 areas are large enough to support both. Ablution is done in the nearest toilets. The prayer area in the pictures can support only 2 people and so sometimes the jamaah have to queue.

Despite the modest condition, this prayer area has tranquil view of greenery and the wind helps making the ambiance especially peaceful during hectic lecture schedules.

Pictures taken 19 April 2008 (c) Adinda Presanti

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arinto said...

I googled for Musholla in NUS and arrive at this page. The more complete list of NUS musholla can be found here:

This list also covers the musholla in Singapore.