Sunday, November 30, 2008

Building 1, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Internet City (DIC) and the neighbouring Media City and Knowledge Village are one of the most advanced Free Trade Zone complex in UAE and a workplace for more than 12,000 people.

The prayer-room above is located in the 2nd floor of Building 1 which is obviously one of the oldest buildings here but it is very well maintained. The prayer-room is built on the underuntilized corridor and divided into Male and Female section separated by wooden partition. The male section can fit around 20 people and female section capacity probably only half of it. There's a digital wall clock with built-in prayer schedule that calculated according to Dubai time. It will automatically announce the azan each time the time for prayer comes. There are some Quran books available for reading too.

Unfortunately the building management have not provide special wash room for taking the ablution/wudu so prayers have to do the wudu on the nearby toilet. It is challenging to wash your feet on the washing basin while keeping the body balance on the slippery floor. I believe if the management can afford to build special toilet for disables (whom we never seen using it so far), they should be able to afford providing proper ablution place for prayers too. The prayer room is always full of people right after azan announced.

All pictures taken in November 2008.


Tehmina said...
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kmnader said...

we have new solutions which can make the slippry floor safer!!!!