Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Riyadh Airport, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia, which also considered as the central spot of Islam religion. It's really surprising to find that the male prayer room in the boarding area Riyadh International Airport is no more than just a small section, carpeted corridor side.

Prayer Room (corner?) in Riyadh International Airport

It's even more surprising to find that the ablution (wudu) area is located inside the men's rest room, just next to the toilets. There are only four water taps for ablution found in this place.

Ablution area, just next to toilets

I just wonder, if they can afford to spare space for this huge fountain just next to the prayer corner why couldn't they build a more decent prayer room? Note how big is the fountain by comparing it's size to the man walking at the upper background.

Riyadh Airport Huge Fountain

All pictures taken on 23-November-2008

Update: it has been 'upgraded' in 2010, see this post.

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